Don’t Fear the Somm!

The Sommelier is your friend!  We understand that most people don’t have a vast knowledge of wine and even if they do, they may not be familiar with the wine list at the restaurant they’re dining in.   Aside from simply choosing a wine you would enjoy, pairing the right wine with your food is in itself a science.

Yes, food-pairing is a science; the science of wine-pairing has a host of factors you need to consider in order to enhance your meal.  Pairing the wrong wine with your food could possibly destroy your meal.  THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR!  Some restaurants even have wine pairing menus.

Are there Sommeliers who get annoyed if you buy a cheap or only order wine by the glass?  Sure, just like there are food servers who get annoyed when a large group comes in and spends less than a two person table.   We are here to make money, but a good Sommelier doesn’t care about that.  Why don’t we care about that you ask?  Because real Sommeliers are so passionate about wine that we want you to get as excited about wine as we do and have a great experience.

From a sales point of view, even if you buy the cheap bottle of wine, but you let us select the right wine at that price to pair perfectly with your food, there is a good chance you will come back and trust us to do it again(repeat business).   I love when people come back because of a wine I selected!

Most Sommeliers who are pushy about selling expensive bottles of wine are probably in a restaurant that doesn’t do well or just stink at selling wine.  If I sell $50 bottles all night long, everyone enjoys them, I’m a happy camper.  I made money, did my job and provided a memorable experience.

When you are in a restaurant that has a Sommelier, USE HIM/HER!  We are not here to talk down to you or go in the back and laugh and how little you know about wine.  Look, if you’re going to spend $40, $50 or $500 on a bottle of wine, wouldn’t you rather make sure you’re getting something that is selected by an expert or spend your hard earned money on something that sucks and destroys the taste of your food?

Let me put it another way, if $40.00 is a lot for you to spend on a bottle of wine, would you just price-hunt the menu and take a gamble or at least let me find the right $40.00 bottle?  The Sommelier is your friend!

Yours truly,
-The Modern Sommelier

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