When in Doubt, Choose Bubbles!

Be sure to check out my favorite Sparkling Wine and Food pairings at the end!

There is sort of an unwritten rule for food and wine pairing:  “When in Doubt, Choose Bubbles.”  When it comes to pairing wines with food, Champagne and other Sparkling Wines are in a way the ultimate pairing wines.  I’m not stating that Champagne and Sparkling wines are an ideal pairing for every type of food, but it’s hard to go wrong when using them.

Why is champagne and sparkling wine great for pairing food and wine?  Answer, Bubbles and Acidity!  Bubbles work so well because they cleanse and refresh the palate.  Acidity is also an essential component to food and wine pairing; good acidity helps accent flavors and cleanses the palate.

Ever wondered what in the world could I pair with eggs, pair with fried chicken or even yogurt?  There’s a reason mimosas are so popular at breakfast and brunch; it’s the Bubbles!  Bubbles cut like a razor through rich, creamy and greasy foods with thick, chewy, crispy or tough textures.

As intense in flavor as some Champagnes can be, they aren’t going to overpower many foods.  Champagne is intense and palate cleansing enough to both handle and compliment the most intense of flavors, but not so strong that they’ll overpower the lighter flavors.  The same goes for Sparkling Wines such as Cava, Franciacorta, Prosecco or California Sparkling.

Contrary to popular belief, cheese can be the hardest to pair with wine.  Cheese has so many different textures, flavors and intensities.  Cheese can be creamy, crumbly, flakey, chewy, hard and soft.  As I stated before, the bubbles will cut through anything.  Pair sparkling wine with cheese!  They pair well with most any cheese.   Even the sweet sparkling wines like Moscato D’asti or Demi Sec Champagne are heavenly pairings for those super stinky and salty cheeses.

Champagne and Franciacorta are food pairing dynamos!  Those two wines specifically have such an array of flavors to compliment anything from salty and savory to sweet and pungent.  They usually encompass fruit, minerality, herbaceous, toasty, baking spice, nuttiness and biscuity flavors to make it very versatile to pair with food.

Sparkling wines may not be my first choice for a ribeye steak, but they pair well with salads, fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, lean meats, cured meats and desserts.  Whether it’s Champagne or Cava, Prosecco or Franciacorta, they have all the components needed for those foods.  Aside from the bubbles, they generally have high acidity to also help cleanse the palate for those hard to pair vegetables.

Some of my favorite sparkling wine pairings:

  • Pair Lambrusco with salumi, cured meats and cheese if you want red
  • Pair Prosecco with salumi, cured meats and cheese you prefer white.
  • Pair Champagne with Strawberries
  • Pair Champagne with oysters
  • Pair Franciacorta with rich creamy pasta dishes, fennel salad or rabbit porchetta.
  • Pair Moscato D’Asti with gorgonzola

Yours Truly,

-The Modern Somm

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