How to Become a Sommelier: Part 2

“Learning to be a Sommelier”

Previously I covered the basic process of how to become a Sommelier.  Now I want to go a little deeper.  What does a Sommelier have to learn about wine?  Is a Sommelier a winemaker?  Do you only need to learn wine to become a sommelier?

Here is just a brief outline on areas of study to become a Sommelier:

Grape Varieties: types, styles and characteristics.  There are hundreds of relevant varietals.

Wine growing regions:  Sub Regions, Communes, Districts, Single Vineyards, Soils, Climates and the Grapes in each little area.

Food and Wine pairingcomponents of wine that make it pair well with food.

Wine service: standards, etiquette and procedures

Soils and Climates

Winemaking:  Winemaking steps and wine production methods (you will not have to actually make wine).

Understanding Wine labels (more complicated than you think)

Wine laws

How to blind taste wines

Production of Beer and Spirits

Cellar Management

Wine Buying & Selling wine

Building a wine list

Recommended readings:

“Windows on the World – Complete Wine Course” – Kevin Zraly

“The Wine Bible”

“The Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia”

“Sales and Service for the Wine Professional”

“Grossman’s guide to Wine, Beer and Spirits”

The first three books I’m a big fan of for learning wine basics even though some of them go into very serious detail.  The beginnings of those first three books do a good job of covering wine basics.  I receive absolutely no form of compensation for recommending those books.  In fact, I simply leave out books I’ve read that I felt were a waste of time.

I’m actually working on a how to become a Sommelier eBook.  It will be a kind of a quick guide on all the necessary steps you need to go through, in-depth areas of study, Sommelier Schools, Sommelier Certifications available and which ones you should use.

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Yours Truly,

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