Wine is for Real Men!

“Bro, why are you drinking wine? Grab a Beer! Real Men drink beer!”  Don’t get me wrong, I love beer and I’m quite a Beer Nerd, but aside from the snobby stigma that follows wine, there also seems to be a stigma wine is not manly, at least here in the U.S.

You may not find a bunch of guys drinking wine while watching the big game, there’s a time and place for all beverages.  Wine has been enjoyed by the manliest of men throughout history.  Just think about all the men through history who were warriors, generals of armies, staged revolutions and ran empires; what do you think they drank?  They drank wine after battle!


What do Mike Ditka, Brad Pitt, Drew Bledsoe and AC/DC all have in common?

Answer – They all own wineries!

Wine may seem like something you have to be sophisticate or wealthy to drink but it’s not.  To a degree wine is a bit complex and sometimes you need to develop a palate for it, but with the advent of all these craft beers and different styles that exist you can’t tell me the same isn’t true for beer!

On a side note, is it really that bad to appear sophisticated?  Being sophisticated doesn’t make you feminine or less manly.  Last I checked Women(not girls) like sophisticated Men.  It’s worked out for me plenty of times with a glass of wine in my hand!   In fact, sitting at a bar drinking wine has drawn attention from women and been the catalyst for them to come up and talk to me.  What’s not manly about that?


Wine goes great with food, gets you drunk and it’s delicious!  I don’t care if you’re a construction worker or a lawyer, we all like things that taste good and get us drunk!  Drinking wine isn’t a bunch of feminine guys sitting around talking world politics and fashion.  Well yeah, that probably happens, but I mean that’s not every situation involving men drinking wine.  Hahahah!

It’s time to change minds and set trends.  Wine is growing more popular in the U.S. every day and becoming a bigger part of our culture.  Embrace it, don’t judge.  A REAL MAN doesn’t care about what other people think, so crack open that bottle of wine and enjoy!  REAL MEN DRINK WINE!

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