The Modern Somm Updates

Hey Everyone, I wanted to update you on some new stuff…

A new Resource page for all things related to the Wine, Beer, Spirits and Food Industry where I will feature websites and fellow bloggers:

Click Here for my Industry Resource Page

Franklin Liquors is currently a featured industry resources for news and reviews.

New Pages on My site to check out:

I’ve added what I call Wine Region Quick Charts to the Wine Education section of my page. I currently have Quick Charts for European Wine Regions that include France, Spain and Portugal with Italy and Germany being added soon. I will also be adding New World Wine Region Quick Charts

The Quick Charts will be a quick resource for knowing the names of regions within a Country and the grapes they produce. This is useful for those who are unfamiliar with recognizing the type of Wine in Regionally Labelled Wine.

Click here to view the European Wine Region Quick Chart

I’ve also added a section titled Ask the Sommelier. I put some some frequently asked questions, but I encourage everyone to please submit any wine questions, food and wine pairing questions or any other questions you may think of my typing them into the comment section.

Click Here for the Ask The Sommelier Page

The last page I’ve currently added is a page for beginner wines or wines for newbies. Wine recommendations for people trying to get into wine.

Click Here for the Beginner Wine Page

I have also created two stores on Amazon: One store for books on wine, beer, spirits and food pairing all of which I’ve personally used and a store for wine accessories.

The Modern Somm Amazon Store

The Modern Somm’s Recommended Wine Books

The Modern Somm’s Recommended Wine Accessories

Feel free to give me some feedback! The site is still developing and I know some of the page sections are empty, but everything will be added in due time.

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