The Rise of New York Wine: Red Hook Winery

If you told me a few months ago that I’d be loving wine from New York City, wine from Brooklyn to be more specific, I would have probably scoffed at you despite being an anti-snob. I got a real eye-opener when I visited Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn.

They have some really interesting wines going on there, specifically orange wine. For those of you not familiar with Orange Wine, it’s not actually wine made from oranges. Orange Wine is white wine fermented on the skins. Here they make Orange Wine from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and a blend of both. These wines tend to be cloudy in color and a little bitter, definitely a wine for the beer drinkers.

My particular favorite is that one I purchased: 2010 Die Welt Des Mondes Sauvignon Blanc Reserve from the Macari Vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island. Notes of vanilla, nuts, mandarin orange, brambly fruit and nice minerality; not your typical Sauvignon Blanc characteristics.

Red Hook Winery has a lot of Italian influence when it comes to their winemaking so you get highly crisp wines.

Other wines of note:  their Viognier and Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Franc was amazingly stereotypical of Cabernet Franc. That may sound silly, but it shocked me to taste Cab Franc from Long Island vineyards that tasted exactly how Cabernet Franc from Loire would taste: milk chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, green bell pepper and pencil shavings.

The Viognier was a surprisingly lovely crisp and lighter version of your standard Viognier with keeping its floral aspect, stone fruit, great acidity and a long finish.

It’s time to open our eyes that wine of the future will be coming from some surprising places. The more the United States’ winemakers learn, the more great wine can come from everywhere, not only winemakers, but growers as well. Learning how to plant grapes in many different climates is what’s giving us the chance to see quality wines from Arizona, Virginia, New York State and New York City.

If you’re in the NYC area and want to have a nice day out and do some wine tasting, I highly recommend you stop by Red Hook Winery.  You can even find them in restaurants and retail stores in NYC and New Jersey.

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