Styles of Chardonnay + Quick Wine Tips

Common Chardonnay Questions

Do you have a Dry Chardonnay? All Chardonnay is Dry unless labeled sweet.
What’s the best chardonnay wine? Depends on your taste and style preference.
What makes Chardonnay Creamy and Buttery? MLF (Malolactic Fermentation)
What is MLF? This is a process used to decrease acidity in wine by adding lactic acid. (Always used in red wine, but not always in white)

Regional Chardonnay Styles

California, Sonoma & Napa Chardonnay
Buttery, Oaky, Vanilla, Nutty, Tropical Fruit, Full-Bodied

Washington State Chardonnay
A wide mix of the crisp and tart to the oaky butter-bombs

France, Chablis (Burgundy)
Tart Lemon, Green Apples, Pear, Minerality, Medium-Bodied

Burgundy Chardonnays

Mersault Chardonnay
Crisp and Medium-Bodied, Citrus, Apple, Pear with just the right amount of Oak, Vanilla and Creaminess.
This is my personal favorite because it’s a great balance of all the general styles listed above.

Pouilly-Fuisse Chardonnay
Similar to Mersault, but bigger, creamier and more oak.

Cote De Beaune and Montrachet
This is your full-bodied, buttery and oaky style of France. If you’re a Far Niente or Frank Family drinker, this is your wine.


Quick Wine Tips
Crisp and Tart Chardonnay – Buy Chablis
Buttery and Oaky Chardonnay – Buy Napa

Chardonnay Recommendations
$15 to $25 Range
2011, Chateau St. Michelle Indian Wells, Washington: Crisp, Tart fruit and Medium-Bodied
2011, Sonoma-Cutrer, Sonoma Coast: Full-Bodied, Apple, Cream, Crisp yet Rich.
2011, Joseph Drouhin Vaudon, Chablis: Tart Lemon, Apple, Earth, Flowers, Crisp & Medium-Body

Premium Chardonnay Producers
Far Niente
Frank Family
Pascal Bouchard
Louis Jadot


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