2008 Cesari Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico Wine Review

The Modern Somm’s Wine Reivew

2008 Cesari Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico Wine Review
Price $43.99
The Modern Somm’s Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars


What does it smell like?
Very complex: Vanilla Cream, Oak, Dried Black Cherry, Mocha, Black Pepper, Green Bell Pepper

What does it taste like?
Flavors: Vanilla, Tart Dried Black Cherry, Mocha and lots of Spice
Body: Medium Plus

My Thoughts
Too young. This wine resembles a Napa Cabernet on the nose and palate, but too vegetal and the acidity needs to soften. It’s still tasty, but not as rich nor do you get much of those rich and raisinated flavors you find in most Amarone.

I think in another two to three years it will be much better. I know this is a typical theme with me, but for the money it’s a darn good Amarone. Amarone is one of those few wines you unfortunately can’t be cheap with, so $40 for an Amarone like this is pretty good.

Recommended Pairing:
Amarone goes great with Rib-eye steak, Osso Buco and pungent cheeses.

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