Thanksgiving Wine Picks

Ahhh, Thanksgiving!  The time for family, friends and being thankful for everything we have…and yeah, family craziness.  What helps that family craziness?  WINE!  Wine for Thanksgiving can be a bit tricky.  You have so many dishes with an array of flavors and textures all eaten at once!  So, how do you pair wine with Thanksgiving Food?  Wine with Turkey?  Wine with Stuffing?  So many choices.

Here are my Thanksgiving Wine Picks:

1) Beaujolais Nouveau: Beaujolais is classically known as the Thanksgiving Wine. Great acidity, medium bodied and bright candied fruit to accompany all the sweet and savory flavors while cutting through the fat!

2) Alsatian Gewürztraminer: For those that know me personally know I’m a bit obsessed with this wine. I think it’s the most versatile white wine for your more intense meals. What’s not to like? Unlike German Gewürztraminer, the Alsatian has great acidity. You have flavors of baking spice, lychee fruit with wonderful floral and mineral tones. This wine can handle the strong food flavors while not overwhelming the less intense. The nice round body is perfect with much of the richness that accompanies thanksgiving meals.

3) Vouvray: Another versatile white. Off-Dry with wonderful Acidity and medium-bodied. Flavors of apples, honey and flowers. This wine is really great because it allows all the flavors in the food to shine while cleansing the palate.

4) Spatlese Riesling from Mosel: Mosel tends to make more fragrant sweeter styles of Riesling that are quite complex: Apples, Honey, Raisins, Baking Spice, Lemon and Petrol. Petrol??? Yes! Sounds odd, but it works, trust me! Great body with a wonderful round mouthfeel and that classic high acidity of Riesling. Off-Dry(slightly sweet) to really work hand in hand with those sweet and savory spices.

5) Valpolicella: Some may not be that familiar with this wine. Italian wine from the Veneto region made from three grapes: Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella. These are the same grapes used to make Amarone, but the non-dried version. Light-bodied with flavors of candied red fruits and dried herbs. Great for cleansing the palate, standing up to all the different flavors while not being overbearing. This is a cheap go-to versatile wine.

Enjoy! This is the season for drinking, so drink great wine and drink responsibly!

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