Wine Review: 2006 Riserva, Nusserhof, Sudtirol, Lagrein

The Modern Somm’s Wine Review

2006 Riserva, Nusserhof, Heinrich Mayr, Sudtirol Lagrein
Alto Adige, Italy
Price: $31.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars



A brief non-snobby history of Lagrein
For those unfamiliar with “Lagrein”(pronounced “La-Grain”) as I’m sure the average wine drinker in North America may be, it’s a grape grown in one region: Trentino-Alto Adige, which is located in Northeastern Italy on the border with Austria. “Sudtirol” is an area within Alto-Adige and this area in Italy has more Austrian/German culture than Italian down to the language spoken and the cuisine.

Lagrein is one of my favorite wines.  A basic description of Lagrein would be in-between Malbec and French style Syrah: Fruity, Smokey, Spicy with Medium-Body and great acidity. Lagrein is not the easiest wine to find, so I’d look for it in Whole Foods(where I found it) and high-end boutique wine shops.

My Thoughts
Just an awesome wine. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it as your kickin’ back drinkin’ wine, but this is a complex wine destined to be enjoyed with food. It’s drinking great right now, but could still benefit from a little more time in the bottle to soften the acidity.

What does it smell like?
Smoky, almost like smoked meat, black cherry licorice and dried rose petals.

What does it taste like?
Tart juicy cherries and raspberries, smoky, scorched earth, pepper and a hint of fresh ground coffee.  Medium-Plus on the Body, high acidity with Medium-Minus Tannin.

***Talk like a Wine Snob: the more smells and flavors you can pick out, the more “complex” the wine.***


 Nusserhoff, Sudtirol Lagrein Food Pairings
Hearty Stews
Salumi, cured meats and cheese
Leaner cuts of red meat

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