Wine Buying Tips and Using Your Sommelier

Here are some tips for buying wine in a restaurant and allowing your Sommelier to best help you select a wine. -Let the Sommelier know the wines you like to drink.  Sommeliers know their wine list well and can help find something that suits your taste.  Do you want something similar to a Napa Cabernet?  Do you want something similar

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Red Wine Allergies

DISCLAIMER:  Reasons for Wine Allergies differ for everyone and the reasons are largely unproven.  Any and all suggested reasons are purely speculation and opinion. Why am I allergic to wine?  Do I specifically have an allergy to red wine?  Most think they have an allergy to red wine because they have white wine allergy symptoms.   Some say they get headaches

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Don’t Fear the Somm!

The Sommelier is your friend!  We understand that most people don’t have a vast knowledge of wine and even if they do, they may not be familiar with the wine list at the restaurant they’re dining in.   Aside from simply choosing a wine you would enjoy, pairing the right wine with your food is in itself a science. Yes, food-pairing

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