Aglianico: Wine’s Best Kept Secret

Food Pairings and Recommended Wines at the end! I was fortunate to be a Sommelier at an Italian restaurant of a world famous celebrity chef that had an Award Winning wine list.  I mention this not to brag, but Italian wine is a big hole for many Sommeliers, wine drinkers and I’m thankful for all that I learned. Italy has

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How to Become a Sommelier: Part 2

“Learning to be a Sommelier” Previously I covered the basic process of how to become a Sommelier.  Now I want to go a little deeper.  What does a Sommelier have to learn about wine?  Is a Sommelier a winemaker?  Do you only need to learn wine to become a sommelier? Here is just a brief outline on areas of study

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Why are Wines so Expensive in Restaurants?

Money! We all love ordering wine with food, but restaurant wine lists can often cause a guest to gasp. People often complain about the prices of wine in restaurants and that’s because the wine in restaurants can be pricy. Guests usually ask for a cheap wine or rant about how the same wine is cheaper at their local wine shops

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