Pairing Principle: Intensity

Pairing Wine and Food based on Intensity

Intensity if a very important thing to consider with food pairing. Pairing based on intensity is what can sort of break the other rules or can basically be the exception to the other rules.

Think of Intensity like this:

Food: How intense or strong is the flavor. Is it a dish with delicate or neutral flavors, very robust or just sort of medium?

Wine: This is the same idea as food, yet breaks the rule on weight. You can have lighter wines with high intensity, or full-bodied wine with lower intensity.

Where does Intensity break food and wine pairing rules?
You can have a robust heavy dish and pair it with a wine that may be lighter, but has high intensity that stands up to the flavors of the dish.

I’d like to give some good examples of wines that are lighter-bodied with high intensity, but it really varies. A starting point would be:
-Pinot Noir from Oregon
-Higher end Barbera

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