Problem Pairings & Solutions

Problem Pairings and Solutions

Unfortunately not all foods are so easily paired with wine. Some wine can make your meal downright nasty.

Vegetable Problem Pairings

There is something in their composition makes them taste metallic. The only real way to combat those pairing issues is to pair those vegetables with high acidic wine and wines with vegetal qualities.

Recommended Wine Pairings for Asparagus, Spinach and Artichoke: Sauvignon Blanc

More specifically Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, but most Sauvignon Blanc would work due to their high acidity and vegetal quality.

Pairing Eggs with Wine
Eggs are a problem pairing due to their texture and light flavor. While eggs can be dominated by whatever ingredients are added to them, the texture is the still your main issue.

Recommended Wine Pairing for Eggs: Champagne or Sparkling Wine

The bubbles in the wine are perfect for cleansing the palate and cutting through the texture of the eggs.

Pairing Chocolate with Wine
Contrary to popular belief, pairing wine with chocolate is very difficult.

Easy wine pairing with chocolate tip:
Pair a wine that’s at least as sweet as the chocolate or dessert. While there are dry wines that work with chocolate, I want to make easy pairings for you. The easiest way to pair wine with chocolate or pair wine with dessert is to go with a wine as sweet as the food.

Recommended Wines to Pair with Chocolate
Tawny Port
Ruby Port
Moscato D’asti or any Sweet Muscat

Pairing Wine with Dairy
Pairing wine with dairy is difficult, but with easy solutions. Whether it’s Ice Cream, Cream Sauces or Yogurt-based dishes there are only a couple of ways to pair.

BUBBLES! Dairy is a problem because of how heavy and mouth-coating it can be. Champagne and Sparkling Wine are the way to cut through the rich dairy. Another way is pair very highly acidic wines. Sauvignon Blanc, Un-oaked Chardonnay or Rieslings will go nicely.

When it comes to pairing wine with ice cream, sweet creams or custards there’s a similar theme to pairing wine with Chocolate: go as sweet as the food. Dessert wines are generally high in acidity, which helps directly with the texture.

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